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Valley of Luxem Tower

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Map Valley of Luxem Tower.jpg

Offical description

Luxem Tower, which allows people to observe the other planets by tracing each planet's particular Mana Stream and recording these traces on five crystals, is located in this dry, mountainous area. The crystals used in the observatory in Luxem Tower operate on magical, rather than scientific, principles.

Level Range

Level Range for Valley Of Luxem Tower is 10-25.

Connected to



This represents the different NPCs located in the Valley of Luxem Tower.

Name Location Position Role
NPC Quest.png Morgan 5354,5013 Stranded Resident Quest(s) Missing Cart Parts, Village Exploration
- Shannon 5357,5281 Mountain Guide
NPC Quest.png Rudolfo 5501,5211 Resident Quest(s) Collecting Ore, Speak to Lutis
NPC Food.pngNPC Quest.png Magdalena 5513,5247 Fruit Seller Quest(s) Honey for her Honey, Delivery for Rudolfo
NPC Quest.png Enu 5497,5247 Livestock Farmer Quest(s) A Small Start
NPC Quest.png Dune 5458,5181 Weapon Merchant Quest(s) Bee Infestation
NPC Sword.png Rockwell 5441,5191 Smith Repairs equipment
NPC Quest.png Karitte 5113,5385 Cleric Hero Quest
NPC Quest.png Lutis 5118,5375 Arumic Researcher Quest(s) Hero Quest, Speak to Lena


Valley of Luxem Tower Quests


The Valley of Luxem Tower is populated by:

Valley of Luxem Tower monsters spawning areas
Monster spawns
1: Young Pomic,Young Red Pomic,Pomic Recruit.Red Pomic Recruit.Pomic,Pomic Fighter,Red Pomic,Red Pomic Fighter,Pomic Officer,Red Pomic Cadet,Red Pomic Officer,Red Pomic General,Pomic Soldier,Red Pomic Soldier
2: Young Pomic,Young Red Pomic,Pomic Fighter,Red Pomic Fighter,
3: Worker Bee,Soldier Bee,Hunter Bee,Warrior Bee
4: Elder Pumpkin
5: Young Red Pomic,Red Pomic,Red Pomic Cadet,Pomic Fighter,Red Pomic Fighter,Pomic Officer,Red Pomic Officer,
6: Honey Bee,Worker Bee,Soldier Bee
7: Red Pomic King

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