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ROSE Online NA got its unique logo when the 4th planet Orlo came in 2009.

How To Create A Custom Clan Icon

Rose Online comes with a set of standard icons that you may use for your clan logo. Rose Online also provides the ability to change your icon to a custom image that you have created. There are restrictions on images that can be used as clan icons. These restrictions are as follows:

* The image size must be 20x20 pixels.
* The image format must be .bmp (bitmap).
* The image color depth must be 16 bits (to avoid exceeding the image size limit).

An in depth tutorial on how to create a custom clan icon can be found at How To Create A New Clan Icon.

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 2 goes here.

Tutorial 3

Tutorial 3 goes here.

Tutorial 4

Tutorial 4 goes here.