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A skill is a special move that is unique to a class and that a player can learn in the Skill Tree (Alt+S). There are different types of skills and they are described in more details below.

Skill types

There are 4 types of skills:

  • Passive Skills: Such skills cannot be triggered. Their effects and bonuses are constant and always present. Most cost 2 Skill Points (SP)
  • Active Skills: Such skills can usually be casted on yourself (or sometimes targets) and allow the player to do specific actions that aren't offensive or supportive. Example: Sit.
  • Offensive Skills: Such skills can only be used on or affect enemies. They usually deal damage to the target and/or inflict some status ailment such as Slow. Most cost 1 Skill Point (SP)
  • Supportive Skills: Such skills are usually used on yourself or allies. They are used to heal, buff or grant beneficial abilities to the targeted player. Most cost 1 Skill Point (SP)

Skill usage

The different phases of the skill activation are as follows:

  • The skill is used: MP is consumed and the skill effect is shown.
  • Some skills work on a "success rate": if it failed, the desired effect did not happen or was not inflicted to the target (i.e. missed the target).
  • A casting delay applies: as long as the skill is "shadowed" in the Hotkey bar or Skill window, it cannot be used. When the delay ends the player is able to use the skill again.

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