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The following are major and minor projects that require attention. Major projects should be focused on first due to the high demand of information they provide (e.g. crafting recipes, etc...). Help ROSE and yourself at the same time! Complete tasks, add or update information on the ROSE NA Wiki and receive Item Mall points!

See this thread for more information on how-to complete tasks and receive Item Mall points as compensation: ROSE Online Forums.

WIP projects

The work-in-progress (WIP) projects are:

Priority projects

This list is ordered by priority. The priority of each item is determined by popularity and community demands.

  1. Quests - Junon, Luna, Eldeon, Orlo
  2. Skills information for all classes (including icons). Hawker, Raider, Scout, Soldier, Champion, Knight, Muse, Cleric, Mage, Dealer, Bourgeois, and Artisan
    1. 1st step: Completing the skill list, this does include all Unique skills as well.
    2. 2nd step: Adding related information on a skill-by-skill basis (so on each of the skills own pages). For example: bonuses and effects given per skill level or requirements per level, tips, notes, extra information, and more...
  3. Items list. Plus, make redirecting links for each item to their corresponding classification page. For example: Wooden Sword points to One-Handed Swords#Common.
  4. Monster list and drops, they may need updated so take a look! Monsters
  5. Add new Jewelry information, be as detailed as possible, including images and stats.

Quest Projects

Moving all Quests to a page with the name of the Map they are on (Excluding the Daily Quests and Game Arena Maps), or a Quest Episode Page. Such as either Adventurer Plains Quests or the Hero Quest. Each map page currently "should" have a Quest page link. Valor Quests can be a separate page.

Normal Projects

  • Crafting Recipes need be checked, and any missing need added
  • Map pages updated with current information, Map used to get there, NPCs, Quests, Monsters. To start check here Maps
  • Monster Pages Created, to start go here Monsters
  • Items - Double check to make sure that all items are listed. Item Mall Store, Equipments, Consumables, and Materials
  • Check all items for possible changes in stats and requirements!
  • Oblivion Temple (B4) Make page, add ways to reach it. Requires certain items/quests to reach.
  • Zant Quests Move Quests to the Quest Page, remove duplicates.
  • Zant Monsters Update the Monster spawns/Map to reflect better on where Monsters spawn.
  • Link npcs to quests they are involved with (main quest only?)
  • Breezy Quests Move Quests to the Quest Page, remove duplicates.
  • Sunshine Coast Connected to needs added.
  • Junon Clan Field Needs updated Level Limit, description changed to reflect change.
  • Create/find a general quest page, add things like the Cart quest, Castle Gear quest, Luna Access quest to it.

Side projects

  1. Monsters spawning areas. See Adventurer's Plains Monsters for a nice example of how to do one, perhaps a darker shade though.
  2. More information and events to the History, Timeline and ROSE NA's Events pages.
  3. More items to the FAQ.
  4. Proof reading and grammar correction in general.
  5. Change bad quality pictures with good quality ones.