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Monsters are creatures of different sizes, strength, speed and behavior populating the different maps of ROSE. Players may kill them to earn EXP, items or to advance in quests.


There are different families of monsters, each unique to their own planet (no two same families on two different planets).

1. Planet
2. Family
3. Is it a King/Boss?

Types of monsters

Within a single family, it is possible to see monsters with various and distinct attributes. For example, some are more defensive while some others are more offensive. The following is a list of those different possible types. Note that some types might be inexistent in some families.

Icon Type Strength Weakness Armor drop
MobSymbol Basic.gif Basic --- --- Common
MobSymbol Guard.gif Guard Defense, HP Accuracy, Magic Defense, Attack Speed Soldier, Muse
MobSymbol Fighter.gif Fighter HP, Attack Power, Defense Magic Defense, Dodge, Attack Speed Soldier, Hawker
MobSymbol Warrior.gif Warrior HP, High Attack Power Magic Defense Dodge Soldier, Dealer
MobSymbol Ranger.gif Ranger Accuracy, Magic Defense, Attack Speed Defense Hawker, Dealer
MobSymbol Hunter.gif Hunter High Accuracy, High Magic Defense, Dodge HP, Defense Muse, Dealer
MobSymbol Magician.gif Magician Attack Power, Magic Defense Defense, Dodge Muse, Dealer
MobSymbol Leader.gif Leader Highly Aggressive Magic Defense ---
MobSymbol Captain.gif Captain Highly Aggressive Defense ---
MobSymbol SubBoss.gif Sub-Boss Highly Aggressive --- ---
MobSymbol King.gif King / Boss Highly Aggressive, High HP --- ---
MobSymbol Elite.png Elites High Accuracy, High Dodge --- ---
MobSymbol christmas.png Christmas ---, --- --- ---
MobSymbol Easter.png Easter ---, --- ---

Monsters levels

Monster levels in ROSE is not shown when a player click on them. Their levels are differentiated by the color of their names. The following is a list of the different possible colors of monster names:

Text Level Difference Exp % Difficulty Drops
Grey -20 10% base experience Very Easy Low rate of Drops
Azure -15 25% base experience Very Easy Low rate of Drops
Blue -10 50% base experience Very Easy Low rate of Drops
Green -5 75% base experience Easy Lower than Normal rate of Drops
Yellow 0 100% base experience Normal Normal rate of Drops
Orange +5  ??? Little Harder  ???
Red +10  ??? Hard  ???
Pink +15  ??? Very Hard  ???
Purple +20  ??? Insanely Hard  ???

Monster's States

Monsters have different states such as being aggressive or passive. Here is a list of those different possible states:

  • Passive: Such monsters won't react if there are players nearby. However, they will retaliate as soon as they are targeted.
  • Aggressive: When a player comes within attack range of a monster, it later will start attacking him/her right away.
  • Supportive: Such monsters are usually passive until one of their nearby comrades are being attacked. They will then charge into the fight as well to help defend against the enemy.


A player usually has a palette of skills that he may use to fight monsters. They either deal great damage and/or inflict some kind of status ailment such as Slow or decreased Defense. Those offensive skills, when used, often boost the Exp gain one may receive against a monster (partially linked to overkills). Some skills may hit several monsters at the same time. Those are called "Area of Effect" skills (AoE).

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