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The following items cannot be equipped or consumed and often have other specific uses.

Crafting materials

Crafting materials are used by Dealers in the crafting process to generate new items.

Primitive types

Such items have their own and unique classifications.

Material type

Many items have the "Material" classification but can be further broken down into several different types for clarity's sake.

The rest can be found here:

Disassembled materials

Such materials are also classified as Gathered Goods. They can only be obtained by decomposing items via the Disassemble skill.


Although ammunitions can be equipped, they are classified as Materials.


Refining Materials can be used to refine an equipment in order to increase its defensive or offensive attributes.


Gems are used to enhance equipments by providing extra bonuses once inserted in the item's socket.

Castle Gear

Castle Gear materials can be purchased in different Factions and can only be purchased by Union Points.


The following are materials released on particular in-game Events. Their uses usually do not go beyond the scope of the Event's quest.

The remaining items are of no use to the player: they are not used as possible crafting ingredients and have no other utility or benefit. Note that this situation may change for some of those items in the future.