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Players travel in ROSE by moving from planet to planet and from map to map on each planet. Every time the player approaches a map's portal or entrance/exit, they will be warped onto the destination map. Changing maps is the only time ROSE loading screens will be displayed: the player has to wait until the new map has loaded into memory. Using Return Scrolls will also warp the player instantly to the corresponding return map and trigger the loading screen.

ROSEOnline has 4 planets.


Here are the 7 planets that represent the world of ROSE.

Image Planet Small Junon.jpg Planet Small Luna.jpg Planet Small Eldeon.jpg Planet Small Orlo.jpg Planet Small Skaaj.jpg Planet Small Karkia.jpg Planet Small Hebarn.jpg
Planet Junon Luna Eldeon Orlo Skaaj Karkia Hebarn
Capital City of Junon
Magic City of
the Eucar
Xita Refuge Desert City of


For the 2006 Xmas Event, players were able to visit Santa's little planet where they could do quests to obtain Santa Event gears.


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