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Welcome to the ROSEna Wiki. This site is dedicated to hosting information about Rose Online.

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General Topics
  • Introduction to Rose Online - For introduction / links to downloads / signups.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - General often-asked questions.
  • Basic Game Control - In-game commands and controls, and how to 'play' in general.
  • Gameplay - Description of the gameplay level and interactions with others.
  • Levels - Basic introduction on how to level and EXP tables.
  • Stats - In-depth view on how stats work in Rose Online.
  • Skills - Shows skill usage and how they work.
  • Classes - Introduction to classes in Rose.
  • EXP Chart - Table of experience needed to attain each level.
  • Items - Description on items and how they work.
  • Monsters - Information on monsters of Rose Online.
  • Maps - List all accessible maps and their features.
  • Quests - Lists all available quests.
Specific Topics
  • History - A review of past news, events and incidents that occurred in ROSE.
  • Item Mall For a list of all the item mall items.
  • Item Crafting - Every crafting recipes are listed there.
  • Bonus Stats - Advantageous stats or statuses granted to players upon skill or item usage.
  • Status Ailments - Disadvantageous statuses that can be inflicted to players or monsters.
  • Links - Informative external sites on ROSE.
  • Technical Troubleshooting - Problems/Solutions list for specific technical issues.
  • Installation - Latest Client downloads.
  • Game Arena - How to use it, whats it do, and Games.
  • Events/Event Quests - List of the Events run in-game.

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