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Kenji Beach

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Map Kenji Beach.jpg

Offical description

Kenji's Beach, located in the east of the Post Junon continent, is famous for its Kenji Stone, a mysterious statue that seems been made for shamanic purposes. The only documentation found about the Kenji Stone is a single sentence in the "Seven Hearts Saga," which simply states that a series of these statues have been spread around the world by their creators long ago. Scholars have concluded that the Kenji Stone may be a statue of an ancient people that lived on Junon before the Post Junon continent was formed.

Level Range

Level Range for Kenjil Beach is 55-100.

Connected to




This represents the different NPCs located in Kenji Beach.

Name Location Position Role
NPC Service.png Robin 5238,5040 Ferrell Guild Staff Boat Transport
NPC Quest.png Bith 5258,5148 Ferell Guild Merchant Rosemary's Doll Quest
- Gallahad 5345,5048 Righteous Crusader
- Hotch 5384,5180 Resident
- Luce 5321,5081 Akram Minister Cart Quest


Kenji Beach Quests


Kenji Beach is populated by:

Kenji Beach monsters spawning areas
Monster spawns
1:Supreme Doonga, Doongas, Elder Doongas,Doonga Warrior, Doonga Swordsman, Doonga Assassin, Doonga King, Doonga Captain, Doonga Origin, Doonga Hunter, Doonga Fighter, Doonga Leader, Doonga Master
2: Little Krawfy, Krawfy, Krawfy Warrior, Supreme Krawfy, Krawfy King, Krawfy Captian, Krawfy Swordsman
3: Little Kaiman, Kaiman
4: Kaiman Guard, Kaiman Ranger, Kaiman Warrior, Giant Kaiman Ranger, Kaiman Hunter, Kaiman Swordsman, Kaiman


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