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Items are elements of the game that have different goals and that can be obtained through various means.


There are five categories of items in ROSE and they can be listed as follows:

Some items are labeled as "unique" due to their rare drop occurrence and unique effect. Those items could be equipments or consumable items. For more information see:

During Events, some special items are often released. They also each belong to one of the above categories. For more information see:

Union Items/Equipments: The design and intention of the new union equipments is towards PvE, Player vs. Environment (monsters). The Union equipments will provide both bonus and reduction benefits to damage done to and received by monsters, while wearing union equipment or weapons.
NOTE: There are no longer Unions in the game. They were replaced with Honor and The Valor System

Source of items

Items can be obtained:

  • As a drop from a monster or player
  • As a reward from a quest
  • As a purchase from NPCs (in exchange of Zulie)
  • As a purchase from player shops (in exchange of Zulie)
  • From a trade with another player
  • From the use of a crafting skill (Dealers only)
  • As a purchase from Item Mall (in exchange of Item Mall points)


Items have lots of different stats, attributes and characteristics in general. For more information about those different elements, see: