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The Item Mall is an in-game store where players can purchase in-game items in exchange for points. There are utility items, skills, weapons, equipment and many more ways to enhance a player's gaming experience.

Point System

Players purchase Warpportal Energy from That energy can be converted to Item Mall points can then be used to purchase items from the Item Mall in-game. Click on "Power UP" to get started.

Types of Items

Five types of items are available in the Item Mall:

  • Consumable Items: Item disappears after utilization.
  • Equipment: Items that can be equipped on a character.
  • Cart Items: Parts that can be used to build carts, with unique styles and attributes.
  • Skills: Unique skills that boost a player's stats.
  • Coupons: Special coupons that allow a user to change aspects of game play, or customize their character.
  • Mounts: Mounts are now available on Item Mall, permanent and 7 days temporary mounts.

Current Items

Current items can be found in the Item Mall Store section.

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