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Elements of the game

ROSE contains many different types of "elements" that form its world and defines the gameplay. The following gives a better overview of those numerous elements.

  • Avatar: An avatar is a human-controlled character of the game. Any player plays the game by controlling an avatar that he/she created beforehand.
  • NPC: NPC stands for "Non-Player Character". It is a character of the game that is entirely controlled by the game's AI and that a player can interact with.
  • Monster: A monster is another AI-controlled character of the game. The interactions between monsters and players are rather complex in the sense that they (monsters) may have lots of different purposes for players: source of items via drops, source of experience, quests and more...
  • Map: A map in ROSE is a 3D environment where players and monsters can freely move on. Maps are interconnected between them and, altogether, form a planet's surface.
  • Item: An item is an element that can be obtained from a wide range of sources and that usually have for goal to help out the player throughout his/her adventures.
  • Storage: Storage can be used for a small fee to store items for later use.
  • Cart: A cart is a component of the game that can be assembled by a group of items. Carts are ridable vehicles that a player may use to travel faster.
  • Castle Gear: Castle gears are also ridable machines but are more oriented towards combat.
  • Zulie: Zulie is the monetary unit in ROSE and is used by both players and NPCs for any kind of market transactions. It can also drop from monsters (as a chest-like item).
  • Honor: Honor is a special currency that is rewarded for participating in various PvP content, such as the Crystal Defenders or Draconis Peaks.
  • Valor: Valor is a special currency that is rewarded for completing Valor Quests dungeons such as the Cave of Ulverick, the Halls of Oblivion, Sea of Dawn and the Sikuku Catacombs.
  • Events: Events are Quests/Objectives to do In-Game during the Holidays, usually talking to Judy in Zant, or Eva in Junon will shed some light on the current Events.

Character interactions

A character may interact with other "characters" of the game for several purposes such as trading goods or initiating combat. Here is a list of such possible interactions.

Item manipulation

There are many ways in which players can interact with in-game items. Such actions can be performed individually or by talking to an NPC.

  • Refining: Weapons and armour can be refined from grade (1) to (15) in order to increase their base stats. These include AP and Acc on a weapon, and the Def and Dodge on armour gears.
  • Drilling: Weapons, Jewellery and Chests can be drilled to create sockets. An item with a socket can then be gemmed (the gem is inserted into the item).
  • Crafting: Items are created from scratch using materials. Crafting skills are restricted to Dealer classes.
  • Consumption: Consumable items provide an immediate effect and disappear from the player's inventory after use.
  • Assembling: Some items can be grouped altogether to form a new component. This is the case of Carts and Castle Gears.
  • Disassembling: Items can be disassembled or taken apart and turned into basic and primary materials and/or equipments.
  • Repairing: Repairing will fully restore an item's durability. Repair hammers may also be used in place of NPCs.
  • Appraising: NPCs can appraise an item to reveal hidden stat bonuses from some items dropped by monsters.

Other features


Main article: Fairy

The longer a player remains online, the more chance he or she will have of receiving Arua's blessing. This takes shape in the form of a Fairy who will descend from the sky above the player. The fairy will follow the player around for 1 hour, providing the player with extra stat bonuses.