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The Game Arena is a gameplay system implemented in the Summer of 2012 that introduced instanced PvP and PvM content to the game. Players have the ability to queue up for a variety of structured PvP or Dungeons (PvM) game modes and can continue to play normally while waiting for other players to join the queue. Once enough players have joined the queue, a new game instance is created and will begin when enough players have accepted the confirmation to join the game.

Players can earn Honor points by completing objectives in PvP game modes and Valor points (along with other rewards) in Dungeons.

Accessing The Game Arena

To access the Game Arena interface, either press Alt + G or select Gamenubutton.png from the main menu.

User Interface Basics

Games List
Group Members List
Group Member Invite Options

Games List

The Games tab displays a list of active game modes that a character can access at their current level, and provides the option to join the queue for a game mode. To view information for level brackets outside of the character's current level, use the Prevbtn.png and Nextbtn.png buttons located next to the name of the selected game mode.

Game modes are categorized as either PvP, where players compete against either other in teams to complete objectives, or Dungeons, where players work in smaller groups to complete unique objectives and challenging encounters against monsters. Note that characters must be at least level 100 to access any game modes (see Game Modes for information on level brackets).

Energy Bar

Game Arena Energy, represented as Gaenergyicon.png, is a resource needed to play game modes in the Game Arena. After being accepted into a game, the energy bar will be depleted by the amount specified in the game mode description. Note that energy cost to enter a game mode increases as the level bracket increases. When the energy bar is partially or fully depleted, it will regenerate over time until it reaches maximum capacity. A maximum of 10,000 energy can be stored at any time. Alternative methods to replenish the energy bar include:

  • Being an active Premium Account subscriber, which waives all energy costs to enter games.
  • Game Arena Energy Reset consumable item, available from the Item Mall.
  • Conversion of Valor and Honor into Game Arena Energy, via the respective NPC vendors.

Group Management

The Group tab offers all of the functions needed to create and manage a group. Groups allow players to queue up for Game Arena games together, ensuring that when accepted into a game, they will be playing in the same game, and within the same team.

When opening up the Group tab, a player will be asked if they wish to create a group if they are not already in one. After creating a group, a list of group members, including their class and level, will be displayed in the Members tab. The player who creates a group is automatically given the role of Group Leader, indicated by Groupleadericon.png in the member list, who has access to invite additional players into the group, kick members from the group, or disband the group.

The Invite tab, visible only to the Group Leader, is used to invite players into a group, provided they are not currently in a group. The interface provides the ability to select a character in range, type in their name directly, or select a character from the leader's friend list or clan roster.

To leave a group after joining, click Leave Group from the Members tab.

Game Modes


Crystaldefenders.jpg Draconispeaks.jpg Akramarena.jpg
Crystal Defenders Draconis Peaks Akram Arena
Level 100 - 140 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 141 - 180 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 181 - 200 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 201 - 220 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 221 - 230 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 231 - 250 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 100 - 140 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 141 - 180 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 181 - 200 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 201 - 220 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 221 - 230 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 231 - 250 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 100 - 140 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 141 - 180 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 181 - 200 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 201 - 220 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 221 - 230 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 231 - 250 Gaenergyicon.png


Anansi.jpg Mummychamber.jpg Wrealithhatchery.jpg
Cave of Ulverick Halls of Oblivion Sea of Dawn
Level 120 - 150 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 210 - 250 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 140 - 170 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 210 - 250 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 160 - 190 Gaenergyicon.png
Level 210 - 250 Gaenergyicon.png
Sikuku Catacombs
Level 210 - 250 Gaenergyicon.png

Queuing For Game Modes

Game Arena status tooltip, showing the current status of a queue.

Joining / Leaving Queue

To join a queue, open the Games tab, select the game mode you wish to join, and press Join Queue. This process can be repeated for each game queue you wish to join. Once a group has joined a queue, new members cannot be invited into the group until the group leaves the queue.

To leave a queue, open the Games tab, select the game mode you wish to leave, and press Leave Queue. It is not possible to leave a queue for a game after the group has accepted confirmation to a join a game until the game queue has notified the group that the game is no longer ready to start (e.g. when there are not enough players in the queue to meet minimum team size requirements).

When the group is waiting in the queue, it is possible to view the status the queue by hovering over Gaqueuestatus.png, located next to the minimap, which displays how many players and groups are actively in the queue.

There are a few differences in how the queuing system will handle groups depending on how a queue is joined:

As An Individual Player

  • When joining the queue without a group, a new group will be created automatically for you.
  • Leaving all joined queues will automatically disband the group, regardless of whether it was created manually by the player, or automatically by the Game Arena.

As A Group

  • Joining the queue as a group can only be done by the Group Leader.
  • When the Group Leader joins the queue, all group members will automatically join the queue.
  • Leaving all joined queues will not disband the group.
  • When a member leaves a group containing several members that is currently queued for games, the group will not be removed from any queues.

Accepting Confirmation To Join A Game

Game join confirmation message boxes for group members and leader respectively.
Game Arena status tooltip after accepting confirmation to join game.

As soon as the minimum threshold to start a game has been met, all groups in the queue will receive a confirmation to join the game. If the group contains several members, only the Group Leader can accept the confirmation, though each member will be notified that the game is ready to begin.

To accept the confirmation, press Enter Game. If the Group Leader does not confirm within 60 seconds, or presses Leave Queue, the group will be removed from the queue for that game.

After accepting the confirmation, there is a brief waiting period while other groups respond to the confirmation. In the event of some groups choosing not to join (e.g. Group Leader was unavailable to respond in time), and there are no longer enough players in the queue for the game to start, all groups will be placed back into the queue until the minimum threshold is met once again.

When enough groups have accepted the confirmation, all groups that accepted will be teleported into the game, or game lobby in the case of some PvP game modes.

Interacting With Group Members

Group chat speech bubble
Chat window, showing dialogue between Group Leader and member.
Group HUD

Group Chat

Group chat displays messages from the Group Leader in a darker color so that they are easily identified over messages from other members.

Messages sent in Group chat can only be seen by other members of the group.

Group HUD

The Group HUD displays the current HP, MP and status effects applied to each group member, and allows group members to be targeted by selecting the character's name from the HUD when in range of the character.

Pressing Alt + H or selecting Grouphudsettings.png will bring up the Group tab to allow for convenient access to group management options.

Pressing Alt + J or selecting Grouphudtoggle.png will toggle visibility of the Group HUD.

Vote To Kick

After selecting a player to kick, you are prompted to enter a reason why you want to kick that player, which will be displayed to everyone in the group except for the player being voted on to kick. All group members are then asked to vote on whether or not the player should be kicked, except for the player being voted on (who automatically counts as a No vote), and the player who initiated the request to vote kick (who automatically counts as a Yes vote). If the majority votes Yes, the player is kicked, otherwise the player remains in the group.

  • Anyone in the group can use the Vote Kick Member function - you do not have to be the Group Leader to use it.
  • There must be at least 2 players in the group to use the Vote Kick Member function.
  • Voting will only pass when there is a majority vote, so a tie will not result in the player being kicked.
  • Similarly to the Kick Member function, Vote Kick Member can only be invoked once every 15 minutes by each player.


Scoreboard window displaying the results for all game participants.

The scoreboard is displayed at the end of a Game Arena PvP game, displaying points earned during participation, along with combat and game objective statistics. Statistics can be broken down by teams (e.g. Attackers and Defenders), or displayed for all players who participated in the game.

Note: There is currently no way to view previous game results after the Scoreboard window has been closed.

Statistic Types


  • Name
Name of the character.
  • Class
Class/job of the character.
  • Level
Level of the character.


  • Healing Inflicted
Total amount of HP recovered on all targets of the player, where the recovery occurred as a result of the player's abilities.
  • Healing Received
Total amount of HP recovered by the player, where the recovery occurred as a result of other players' abilities.
  • Damage Inflicted
Total amount of damage taken by targets of the player, where the damage occurred as a result of the player's abilities.
  • Damage Received
Total amount of damage taken by the player.
  • Damage Reflected
Total amount of reflected damage taken by targets of the player, where the damage occurred as a result of the player's reflective abilities.
  • Attacks Reflected
Number of attacks that have resulted in damage being reflected back to targets of the player.
  • Damage Blocked
Total amount of damage blocked by the player.
  • Attacks Blocked
Number of attacks that have resulted in damage being blocked by the player.
  • Damage Absorbed
Total amount of damage absorbed by the player's abilities (e.g. Mana Shield).
  • Attacks Absorbed
Number of attacks that have resulted in damage being absorbed by the player.
  • Attacks Dodged
Number of attacks that have missed the player.
  • Deaths
Number of times the player has been killed by another character.
  • Kills
Number of characters the player has killed.


  • Points
Total points awarded to a character. In PvP game modes this is also the amount of Honor awarded to the character at the end of a match, including Premium Account bonuses.

Crystal Defenders / Akram Arena

  • Crystals Destroyed
Number of crystals an attacking player has been involved in destroying.
  • Minutes Defended
Number of minutes a defending player has remained within close proximity of a crystal.
  • Assault Kills
Number of characters killed by an attacking player within close proximity of a crystal.
  • Defend Kills
Number of characters killed by a defending player within close proximity of a crystal.

Draconis Peaks

  • Dragons Slain
Number of Dragons the player has been involved in killing.
  • Eggs Captured
Number of Dragon Eggs the player has captured.
  • Eggs Returned
Number of Dragon eggs the player has returned to their dragon nest.

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