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- What does ROSE mean?

ROSE (or R.O.S.E.) was an acronym for Rush On Seven Episodes.

- What kind of game is it?

ROSE is a MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game). Once the client installed you can connect to the ROSE server to start playing a typical RPG game while also being able to meet other players from around the world in the game. See Introduction to Rose Online for more details.

- Where, when, how was it created?

TriggerSoft (a Korean game designing studio) was the first developer of ROSE and kROSE, published by Gravity Corp., was the first ROSE server to open in late 2004 (though in beta-phase at the time). A lot of things have happened since throughout ROSE's history. Refer to History for more information.

- Do I need to pay to play ROSE?

No. All 3 official ROSE servers are free-to-play (F2P). However, some official servers, although free, do require the player to go with a paid subscription to unlock some major features of the game. This is currently the case of ROSE JP. ROSE NA converted to a F2P business model on July 29th, 2008 and was as such the last official ROSE Online server to do so.


- Where can I download the latest version of ROSE?

You may download the official ROSE client from ROSE's website's download page.


- How do I register for a new account?

You can do so from the / Warp Portal website.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password at / Warp Portal website.


How can I talk to the support?

To be able to talk to the support, you need to make a / ticket.

How can I respond on a ticket?

You need to make a support / account, to be able to respond your tickets online. You can also reply to tickets through emails.

Does Rose Online have a Knowledge Base?

Yes, Rose Online has a / knowledge Base


Check the boxes

- I can't run or have problems running ROSE in Windows vista. How do I fix that?

When you can not run Rose Online, try the following:
  1. Always run your Rose Online client as Administrator.
    • There are 2 ways to do this:
      • Right click on the Rose Online shortcut on your Desktop, and "Run as Administrator"
      • The other way is to shut down the User Account. Go to Settings >> User Accounts >> Uncheck the User Account modus.
  2. Follow the instructions down here, you can access this menu by right clicking the Rose Online shortcut and click on Properties.
    • Check the options just like in the screenshot.
  3. Try to start Rose Online. If it doesn't work you can try the official forums for more information.

- I'm experiencing some serious/annoying technical difficulties. What should I do?

Check out Technical Troubleshooting for advanced solutions to your problems.


- Getting randomly disconnected in game?

Although it is sometimes possible for the server to experience network or connection difficulties, the problem might come from your end. Make sure your Anti-virus (and/or Firewall) does not block incoming and outcoming traffic from and out of your ROSE client. Or you may wish to turn it (or them) off while you play to prevent any such issues. If the problem persists, you are encouraged to open a ticket with the Support team from the Warp Portal Support site.


- I'm new and I just logged in. Now what?

Talk to Arua's Fairy (who is near your spawning spot). She will explain to you the basics of the game and guide you towards the next steps you need to take to progress throughout your adventures. Make sure to complete the Tutorial Quests to better grasp the gameplay and earn a few bonus rewards to help you out.

- I just gemmed an item and some of its stat(s) completely disappeared. What happened?

If an item has sub-stats, they will disappear whenever the item is gemmed. For more information see: Items Stats.

Item Mall

- What is an Item Mall?

An Item Mall is a web-platform that allows ROSE's players to buy items to be used in game. For more information, see: Item Mall.

- I bought an item from the Item Mall but it disappeared after some time. What's wrong?

Some items bought from the Item Mall only last for a couple of days. Such items, with an expiration date, can usually be equipped during that frame of time. For more information, see: Types of Item Mall items.


- Some players use expressions or words I don't understand! Help!

Players tend to abbreviate common ROSE (and MMORPG) terms to chat faster (and thus type less). Those abbreviated terms are so commonly used that most people know of their meanings or learn about them rather quickly. For an extended overview of those terms, see: ROSE Terminology.

- Is there a forum available for ROSE Online?

There is a ROSE Online community forum available for ROSE Online players. This is an area for which users can talk about ROSE, request help and even buy/sell items.

See: ROSE Online Forum.

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