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Event's are Quests/Objectives that you can do in-game during the year to get Holiday items and sometimes Rare items.

Winter Festival

Come and have fun playing various Winter Games in Snow Valley! There are lots of things you can obtain. Have fun at the Penguin Races, Ice Fishing, or any of the other games! This year you can even buy Festival Tickets direct from Lero! Prices are as follows:

  • 1 Ticket = 100,000z
  • 10 Tickets = 1,000,000z
  • 100 Tickets = 10,000,000z

Or, you can head to Luna, and collect Ice ChouChou for a Snowboarding outfit, Firecracker Penguins, and more!


Love is in the air and it all due to Qpid! But he needs some help! Will you help Qpid?

St. Patrick's Day

Begorrah! The mischievous Leprechauns are running amok! Can you lads and lasses help catch some of them?


  • Egg Hunt!

The Easter Bunny has hidden it's colorful Easter Eggs all around the world of ROSE Online!

  • Slowing the Porkie production.

Quest Guide

Ballroom Event

Everybody put your best party wear on, it's time for the Ball! You say you don't have anything nice? Then help Felice and her sister Lucille, and you could be offered some nice new duds!


Do you have enough credits to graduate? If you think you do, go see Aldaric to take your final exam!

  • Final Exams

Quest Guide

Summer Festival

Come down to Sunshine Coast and Play! Summer is here and it is time for fun! There are several games you can play during the Summer Festival, provided you have the Zulie. Just approach the appropriate NPC, and talk to him/her. They will explain the game to you. Periodically, [Beach Resident] Judith will yell that trash is overrunning the beach. When this happens, you must clean up some of the trash or else the NPCs won't let you play the games. Turn your Festival Tickets in to (Festival Manager] Lero for nice prizes! While you're there, if you have a lifeguard uniform (complete), please feel free to help [Beach Resident] Casey Jean. But be careful! Don't spend too much time out there or you might get burned!

Quest Guide

The Luau

Poor Anzhelika is stuck on Luna, and she would really like to get a small taste of summer. Help her by collecting certain mats, and she will reward your efforts!

Magic is Everywhere!

What's this? The monsters of Rose have been hiding Magical Boxes of Friendliness, and moving them from place to place. Strike now while the striking is good! Collect these boxes and perhaps you might be lucky enough to get a cool tail or wig! You can also buy gold or silver keys from the IM to help you get them open. If you don't like what you get, disassemble it, and turn the coupon in to Keenu.

Back to School

It's that time of the year when days get shorter, and thoughts turn to back to school. Talk to [Event Info] Judy and take exams to receive cool offhands. Collect School Spirit and get awesome mounts!

Quest Guide

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arghh me hearties. Now tis the time to gather up the pirate booty, and get for yourselves some cool pirate duds. Captain Pegleg is back in town, and is looking for help to gather up the lost pirate loot. He is willing to pay quite handsomely.


Ghosts, goblins, and the Grand Pumpkin! Yes Rosarians, it is that time of year again!
[Mysterious Traveler] Edeline has Halloween Dance Scrolls for sale! The price is 10K Zulie each (10,000).
They come in three levels;

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Refined

[Event Info] Judy in Zant will tell you about some of the goings on during Halloween, she will even tell you a ghost story! Go Trick-or-treating in Zant, help to defeat Heburkal and his minions when they invade Junon, or defeat the Grand Pumpkin in DoD!


This is the time of year when we all sit down, and give thanks for the many blessings we have received over the year. Say thanks to various NPCs and help Mayor Darren gather food for the festival, and possibly come away with a fun weapon! Then help the people in El Verloon find out who stole their food. You could come out if it with a real clucker of a reward!


Merry Christmas Rosarians! At this festive time of year, you can earn costumes, presents, mounts, Giant Antlers, or even a cart! New for 2014, is the 12 Days of Christmas feature, where each day you log in, you get a "buff" which is good for 7 days. There are several different buffs, and they can stack.

Talk to Judy to see about going to Santa's Planetoid. There you can earn costumes, back items, offhands, and get a cart! Talk to Eva to see about saving Santa and his Reindeer. Talk to [Evil Reindeer] Bob to see how you can get a Black Santa Costume!

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Mini Games

Mini Games are held during the day by a Host such as a Community Manager [CM], Game Master [GM], Developer [DEV], or Moderator [MOD]. The rewards for these are generally Item Mall items selected by the Host. These are generally Announced in advance (up to 30 Minutes) in-game.

Hide and Seek

Objective - To successfully find and hide in a spot on a random field or town so that the players could find you and win prizes.

The host will give you a hint, normally with something found around them and you try to find them.

  • When you find the Hider you need to say in All Chat, "I found you!"

Code Breakers

Objective - To successfully guess the code you created for either whisper or the chat room.

  • For a Chatroom it will be numbers only. If the number is less than a thousand (1,000) use zeros (0) to fill in the spaces.

Question: How much HP does an Apple Restore?
Answer: 0085

Word Scramble

Objective - To successfully guess the word that the GM has shuffled and award them a prize. Example
Shuffled: a b e e J l l n y
Answer: Jellybean

  • When you have the answer whisper the Host the answer.

Scavenger Hunt

Objective - To successfully have the requested items to give to the Host for prizes.
Bring me Ten (10) Maple Wood, Three (3) Iron Thread, and one (1) Yellow Sandstone
You would need to have at least Ten (10) Maple Wood, Three (3) Iron Thread, and One (1) Yellow Sandstone

Cart Race!

Objective - Be the fastest Racer! Cross the finish line first and win a prize.

  • Dolphin Island is the default map.
  • Depending on the Host you may use the short cuts, normally this is announced before the race starts.
  • If caught cheating (if the shortcuts are not allowed, or running) you will be disqualified.


  • One win per game, per person.