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City of Junon Polis

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Official Description

Junon Polis is the capital of the Akram Kingdom. Every faction has their headquarters in this city: the Righteous Crusaders, Junon Order, Ferrell Merchant Guild and the Arumic. People can also change their classes into advanced ones in Junon Polis.

Junon Polis also boasts the largest harbor on the planet. Ships anchored in the harbor can take travelers to any destination on the Junon planet, and the giant flying vessel in the center of the city can be used to fly out to the other planets.

Level Range

Level Range for City Of Junon Polis is 45-55.

Connected to






This represents the different NPCs located in the City of Junon Polis.

Name Location Position Role
- Winter 5522,5397 Soldier
- Odelo 5507,5396 Soldier
- Eva 5506,5346 Guide Info about Junon.
NPC Quest.png Darren 5514,5238 Mayor Sells Skills & 2nd Job Class Quest.
Vedad 5559,5253 Monster Coin Trader Trades monster coins.
NPC Quest.png Felice Fete 5561,5165 Event Info Event Quests when available.
NPC Quest.png Adalric 5561,5165 Akram Ambassador King Set and Accident Set turn ins.
NPC Quest.png Gawain 5335,5353 Righteous Crusader Training Grounds Teleport.
- Huffe 5335,5345 Righteous Crusader
NPC Sword.png William 5345,5265 Honor Weapons Sells Honor Weapons.
NPC Armor.png Theodor 5345,5230 Honor Armors Sells Honor Armors.
Henry 5290,5235 Honor Items Sells Honor Items.
Rena 5278,5225 Battle Merchant Unique Resets and Rune Upgrades.
NPC Clan.png Burtland 5289,5264 Clan Manager Create clan and Clan field teleport.
Esmee 5285,5252 Battlemaster Gives Honor Quests.
NPC Armor.png Carson 5298,5113 Valor Armors Sells Valor Armors.
NPC Sword.png Jason 5305,5112 Valor Weapons Sells Valor Weapons.
Mason 5342,5113 Valor Items Sells Valor Items.
NPC Quest.png Raw 5319,5095 Founder of Junon Order Saves [Respawn Point] & Quest.
- Gorthein 5325,5095 Elder of Junon Order
NPC Service.png Alphonso 5520,5095 Guide Luna teleport & Quest
- Jones 5578,4890 Historian Quests
- Ruven 5597,4919 Vicious Captain
NPC Service.png Itz 5603,5034 Ferrell Guild Staff Passenger Ship Service (to Kenji Beach, Dolphin Island, and Adventurer's Plains)
- Hayen 5603,5046 Ferrell Guild Staff
NPC Mat.png Kiroth 5603,5058 Ferrell Guild Staff Sells Crafting Materials.
NPC Staff.png Chelsie 5723,5087 Arumic Merchant Sells Magic Stuff.
- Carasia 5730,5094 Arumic Researcher
NPC Look.png Lisa 5728,5136 Designer Sells Armor for Muse, Dealer and Vistors.
NPC Food.png Harin 5682,5131 Tavern Owner Sells Consumables & Return Scrolls
NPC Jewel.png Bellia 5724,5198 Gypsy Jewel Seller Sells Rings, Necklace and Earrings.
NPC Gun.png Mildun 5673,5194 Ferrell Guild Merchant Sells Guns, Ammo and Cartparts, Cart Quest.
Anthonios 5654,5185 Premium Exchanger Exchanges Item Mall items for Premium Points.
Lyon 5649,5185 Premium Shop Sells Premium items.
NPC Sword.png Crune 5728,5224 Weapon Merchant Sells Weapons & Refines
NPC Armor.png Saki 5721,5290 Armor Merchant Sells Armor for Soldier & Hawker.
NPC Storage.png Arothel 5713,5360 Manager of Ferrell Storage NPC.
- Charrs 5713,5360 Ferrell Guild Staff
- Sicru 5818,5488 Livestock Farmer


City of Junon Polis Quests

Junon Valor Quests


The North section of the City of Junon Polis is populated by:

City of Junon Polis monster spawning areas

Monster spawns
1: Moldie, Little Moldie, Coal Mine Moldie, Manager Moldie, Captain Moldie, Chick, Chicken, Butterfly, Gold Mine Moldie
2: Grunter King, Grunter Guardian, Grunter, Moldie, Gold Mine Moldie, Captain Moldie
3: Moldie, Gold Mine Moldie, Captain Moldie, Coal Mine Moldie, Manager Moldie, Butterfly


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