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Canyon City of Zant

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Map Canyon City of Zant.jpg

Official Description

Located in the mountains in the east of the Post Junon continent, Zant is considered an intermediate town between Junon Polis and the Adventurer's Plains. As the Adventurer's Village grew more active and populated due to the appearance of the Visitors, the Akram Kingdom decided to build Zant in order to support the adventurers moving between the Adventurer's Village and Junon Polis, and used great amounts of capital and manpower to make the rough mountain area habitable (Hearts year 98). Zant is now the second busiest town after Junon Polis.

Level Range

Level Range for Canyon City of Zant is 10-30

Connected to



This represents the different NPCs located in the Canyon City of Zant.

Name Location Position Role
NPC Quest.png Lena 5240,5125 Guide Hero Quest.
NPC Storage.png Crow 5210,5105 Ferrell Guild Staff Stores your belongings.
NPC Food.png Sharlin 5300,5113 Tavern Owner Sells Food and Scrolls.
NPC Look.png Keenu 5318,5150 Designer Sells muse, dealer and common armors.
NPC Staff.png Tryteh 5316,5212 Arumic Merchant Sells muse weapons & skills.
NPC Jewel.png Mina 5308,5240 Gypsy Jewel Seller Sells rings, necklace and earrings.
NPC Mat.png Ulysses 5291,5263 Ferrell Guild Staff Sells Crafting Materials & Dealer Skills.
NPC Gun.png Spero 5273,5267 Eccentric Inventor Sells Guns and Bullets.
NPC Sword.png Raffle 5213,5260 Weapons Seller Sells Weapons & Refines.
NPC Armor.png Carrion 5198,5253 Armor Seller Sells Armor.
NPC Quest.png Judy 5262,5213 Event Info Events Quest if available.
NPC Quest.png Cornell 5096,5255 Village Chief Hero quest.
NPC Quest.png Leonard 5125,5208 Righteous Crusader
NPC Quest.png Luth 5130,5154 Resident Trouble maker of Zant, Hero Quest.
NPC Quest.png Francis 5080,5066 Co-founder of the Junon Order Saves restore point, Hero Quest.
NPC Quest.png Warren 5132,5079 Akram Kingdom Minister
NPC Quest.png Lampa 5110,5363 Livestock Farmer Hero Quest.
NPC Quest.png Arisa 5427,5082 Keenu's Daughter Hero Quest.
NPC Quest.png Cheny 5436,5491 Cornells Grandson Hero Quest.
NPC Quest.png Shirley 5504,5273 Lena's Sister Hero Quest.


Canyon City of Zant Quests

Spero's Vaccine

  • Starting NPC: Spero
  • Level requirement: 19
  • Reward: Spero's Chest (backpack item)


  1. Talk to Spero in Zant City (near the northern City gate) You are asked to retrieve Dr. Spero's Vaccine Recipe (A) & (B}
  2. Hunt at least 5 Woopies or Chef Woopies outside Zant until you have both pages.
  3. Return to Dr. Spero.
  4. Talk to Tryteh in Zant (the Arumic Merchant). She tells you to get a Certificate from Cornell.
  5. Talk to Cornell in Zant. He tells you to deliver a letter to Lutis.
  6. Go to Tower of Luxem Valley and up onto the Tower in the western part of the map. Talk to Lutis.
  7. Go to Zant and talk to Cornell again. Cornell will now give you the Certificate.
  8. Go back to Tryteh for the Report of Darkness.
  9. Go back to Spero and talk to him.
  10. Go to Breeze Hills and talk to Belz (located in the windmill village to the south).
  11. Capture 10 Live Dalpings in Breeze Hills.
  12. Return to Belz.
  13. Go to Zant and talk to Spero again.
  14. Go to El Verloon Desert and test the vaccine on Rackies in El Verloon Desert (sometimes it takes a while until kills register for the quest, just keep going)
  15. Return to Spero for reward

Keenu's Thread

find Keenu's thread here
  • Starting NPC: Keenu
  • Level requirement: ?
  • Reward:(18120 EXP)(12180 Zulie)


  1. Keenu requests that you search outside of the town walls for her lost thread.
  2. Dont start killing woopies but search for the thread in the grass outside of Zant to the South. It is actually by the bees not woopies. It will complete automatically.
  3. When found, return to Keenu. You will be given XP and Zulie.

Keenu's Fetch Quest

Dalping Hunt (Fetch Quest)

  • Starting NPC: [Designer] Keenu
  • Reward NPC: [Designer] Keenu
  • Objective: Keenu has a weakness for Dalping Eggs. Bring her 13 Dalping Eggs, and she'll give you a reward based on how much sooner you bring her the eggs over your rivals. you can only collect these special Dalping Eggs from Ranger Dalpings.
  • Level requirement: Must be level 27 or lower
  • Reward: Zulie. The amount is dependant on how long you took to gather them. You are given approximately 2 hours. I had 3 minutes left and I was given 8,617 Zulie.


  1. Talk to Keenu when she shouts in the system chat that she has a fetch quest.
  2. Get the Dalping Hunt quest and go to Breezy Hills.
  3. Kill Ranger Dalpings until you get 13 Dalping Eggs.
  4. Return to Keenu for your reward.

Pet Hunt

  • Starting NPC: Lampa (Farm northwest of Zant City)
  • Level requirement: ?
  • Reward: Pet Capsule (Jelly Bean or Pumpkin)
  • Type: Repeatable


  1. Talk to Lampa, ask about animals, he gives a choice to get 1) Jelly Bean Pet or 2) Pumkin Pet by:
    1. Hunting 10 Jelly Beans in Adventurer's Plane and returning to Lampa before supper (in 30 minutes)
    2. or Hunting 10 Pumpkins in Valley of Luxem Tower and returning to Lampa before supper (in 30 minutes)
  2. Talk to Lampa to receive reward


Canyon City of Zant monster spawning areas

The Canyon City of Zant is populated by:

Monster spawns
1: Honey Bee,Young Hornet,Hornet
2: Little Woopie,Woopie,Woopie Chef,Assistant Chef Woopie,Woopie Glutton,Woopie Prince.Woopie King
3: Mini Bee,Butterflies

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