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Breezy Hills

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Map Breezy Hills.jpg

Official description

Long ago, many windmills were built in the center of this windy grassland to take advantage of this region's high wind speed, and the resulting town came to be known as the Windmill Village. However, the practical use of natural power has greatly diminished after the Steam Shock, and the Windmill Village has experienced a slow decline. Now, only a few people remain in this area.

Level Range

Level Range for Breezy Hills is 10-35.

Connected to



This represents the different NPCs located in Breezy Hills.

Name Location Position Role
NPC Quest.png Mercucio 5079,5194 Militia Part of the Tutorial quest.
NPC Sword.png Mairath 5349,5034 Weapon Craftsman Refines Weapons and Armor.
NPC Mat.png Belz 5358,5059 Ferrell Guild Staff Sells Crafting Materials.
NPC Food.png Mile 5355,5043 Little Street Vendor Sells food.
NPC Quest.png Punwell 5341,5069 Smith Part of the hero quest.
NPC Quest.png Rahl 5470,5506 Militia Part of the Tutorial quest.


Breezy Hills Quests

Life's a Breeze in the Hills (Repeatable)

  • Starting NPC: [Smith] Punwell
  • Reward NPC: [Smith] Punwell
  • Level requirement: ?
  • Objective: Punwell has asked you to place the 5 Wind Turbines around Breezy Hills, so that he can get some readings of the land's wind power. Return to Punwell once you have placed them all.
  • Reward: 5678 Zulies, and 12,538 exp. points.


  1. Talk to Punwell about the population of breezy hill in the past.
  2. he will need you to place 5 wind turbine on small pack of grass or rock. (Hint: find at high place) Location could be: 5349,5121; 5352,5397 ; 5498,4900 ; 5098,5032 ; 5371, 5446. As you try to find these locations look for a circle patch that is different color than the ground around it, like lighter green than grass around it.

Bright Lights, Breezy Nights (Repeatable)

  • Starting NPC: [Little Street Vendor] Mile
  • Reward NPC: [Little Street Vendor] Mile
  • Level requirement: ?
  • Objective: Mile has dared you to see for yourself that there are more Dalpings in Breezy Hills than People. You can find out if this is true by killing 15 Hunter Dalpings and then returning to Mile for verification of the Proofs.

Reward: 14,000~ exp.


  1. Talk to Mile, and talk about if you have ever been to a big city.
  2. He will want you to hunt 15 Hunter Dalpings to prove that Breezy Hill has more Dalpings than people.
  3. Hunt the 15 Hunter Dalpings to acquire "Proof of Monster Extermination", then return to Mile.

Windmill Plans (Repeatable)

  • Starting NPC: [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz
  • Reward NPC: [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz
  • Level Requirement: ?
  • Objective: Belz has asked you to gather materials for him, if you want to be his business partner when selling items to Punwell for new windmills. Gather 3 Flanae Stems from Big Flanae, 5 Flanae Petals from Red Flanae, and 5 Flanai Seeds from Old Flanae, then return to Belz for your cut of the earnings.
  • Reward: 11,038 Zulies, and 18,558 exp. points.


  1. Ask Belz what brings him to Breezy Hills. Belz informs you that that he came to sell his wares, but business has slowed down. However he has a new client and is hopeful that things will pick up.
  2. Ask Belz who his new client is. He informs you that Punwell is working on making the town grow by designing windmills to help clean the hills. He needs materials for this.
  3. Tell him that you would like to help. He tells you that if you help gather materials, he will share the profits with you.
  4. Ask Belz what types of materials he needs. Belz tells you that he needs 3 Flanae Stems, 5 Flanae Petals, and 6 Flanae Seeds.

Capturing Live Dalpings

  • Starting NPC: [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz
  • Reward NPC: [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz
  • Level Requirement: ?
  • Objective: Capture 10 Dalpings
  • Reward: Return to Spero


  1. Talk to Belz about the Dalpings he was supposed to have for Spero. He tells you that he forgot and asks you to get them.
  2. Agree to get them. Capture 10 Dalpings and return to Belz.
  3. Gather the materials and return to Belz. Then Return to Spero.

Plants VS Visitors

  • Starting NPC: [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz
  • Reward NPC: [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz
  • Level Requirement: ?
  • Objective: Gather 3 Flanae Seeds from Big Flanae, 7 Flanae Stems from Red Flanae, and 5 Flanae Petals from Old Flanae. Return to [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz when you have finished.
  • Reward: 27,539 exp. points


  1. Talk to Belz. He tells you he need medical supplies from the local plants. He asks you to gather 3 Flane Seeds, 7 Flanae Stems, and 5 Flanae Petals.
  2. Collect the necessary ingredients, and return to Belz.

Pest Control (Repeatable)

  • Starting NPC: [Weapon Crafter] Mairath
  • Reward NPC: [Weapon Crafter] Mairath
  • Level Requirement: ?
  • Objective:
  • Reward: 12,538 exp. points


  1. Talk to Mairath, he asks if you would like to live there.
  2. Tell him yes. He then tells you that you can't.
  3. Ask him what kind of attitude is that? He tells you that he is resentful of the fact that Breezy Hills is no longer a liveable place and that it isn't safe.
  4. Ask why it isn't safe. He tells you there is pollution everywhere.
  5. Ask why there are no windmills left. He tells you that with Mana technology, windmills are obsolete.
  6. Tell him that doesn't explain the pollution. He tells you that he blames it on the Pomics. Since they came to live here, it has become unliveable.
  7. Ask him how it is the Pomics' fault. He tells you he doesn't know, but if it were up to him, he would get rid of them, and is willing to pay you to help.
  8. Tell him that you will help. He tells you to kill 25 of them.
  9. Agree to hunt 25 Pomics. Kill 25 Pomics then return to Mairath.

New Breezy Hills

  • Starting NPC: [Weapon Craftsman] Mairath
  • Reward NPC:N/A
  • Level Requirement: ?
  • Objective: Talk to Belz about his plans to revitalize Breezy Hills.
  • Reward: Go talk to Belz


  1. Talk to Mairath again after completing Pest Control, but this time tell him the town is safe. He will ask if the numbers of Red Pomics has been reduced.
  2. Tell him yes. He will now say that the procedures to make Breezy Hills a better place can commence.
  3. Ask him how. He tells you that he heard Belz had a plan, and tells you to go talk to him.
  4. Tell him yes.

Belz's Deal

  • Starting NPC: [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz
  • Reward NPC: [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz
  • Level Requirement: none
  • Objective: Deliver materials to Punwell and collect the payment.
  • Reward: 216 exp points and go talk to Punwell


  1. Go tell Belz Mairath sent you to talk to him. He tells you that he and Punwell have a plan to clean up Breezy Hills, and asks if you would like to help.
  2. Tell him yes. He explains that Punwell ordered some materials, and is willing to pay 100,000 zulie for them. Belz has the materials and asks you to deliver them for him.

Punwell's Wager

  • Starting NPC: [Smith] Punwell
  • Reward NPC: [Smith] Punwell
  • Level Requirement: none
  • Objective: Attempt to collect the money that Orias owes Punwell.
  • Reward: 430 exp. points and go talk to Orias.


  1. Talk to Punwell, and tell him that you have his order and need paid. He tells you that he doesn't have the money, but that he is owed 120,000 zulies by Orias. If you can get Orias to pay you the money she owes, you can keep the extra.
  2. Tell him yes.


Breezy Hills is populated by:

Breezy Hills monsters spawning areas
Monster spawns
1: Pomic General, Pomic Scout, Red Pomic Scout, Red Pomic Soldier, Pomic Fighter, Red Pomic Infiltrator, Pomic Infiltrator
2: Dalping, Ranger Dalping, Dalping Guard, Leader Dalping, Dalping Fighter, Hunter Dalping, Dalping Warrior
3: Pomic King, Pomic Soldier, Red Pomic Soldier, Pomic General, Pomic Fighter, Pomic Scout
4: Baby Dalping, Dalping, Dalping Guard
5: Red Flanae, Old Flanae, Big Flanae

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