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Game Interface

Game interface

The different basic components of the user interface are presented in the side picture.

As seen in the bottom-right corner of the picture, many game windows are available to players so that they can have full access and control over their characters and the way they interact with the surrounding environment. The different available windows are listed below with their corresponding keyboard shortcuts:

Some windows only appear when using certain skills. Besides a few basic skills like Vending or Party, there are also some other class-specific skills that may trigger the apparition of windows (e.g. crafting skills). For those class-specific skills, please refer to the corresponding class page for the list of skills and their uses. The following list presents common skills available to all players that display a window when used.


A player moves in ROSE by "pointing" and "clicking". The character will then move to the destination point. It's called a point-and-click system. Moving is also possible by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The time needed to reach the destination point directly depends on the player's movement speed.

At level 50, the player may do a quest to ride carts. Riding carts can easily double the player's movement speed. At level 110, the player may do a quest to ride castle gears. They are not usefull in movement speed but can be used as weapons in a fight.

System Window

System Window.jpeg

To open the System Window press Alt+X, this window shows you the following options.

1. Game Options - Alt + O.
2. Customer Support, opens a Web Browser to the Support System.
3. Return to Game, Returns you to the game.
4. Character Select, Takes you back to the Character Selection.
5. End Game, Takes you back to the log in screen were you can Close the game.
Alternatively you can press Control+Alt+Delete and open the task manager to close the game.

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