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Anima Lake

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Map Anima Lake.jpg

Offical description

Anima Shrine can be found in the center of the shallow swamp known as Anima Lake. There is not yet any documentation about the Anima Shrine, but legends say that it was built in order to purify monsters after the Devil Pest Incident.

Level Range

Level Range for Anima Lake is 40-55.

Connected to



This represents the different NPCs located in Anima Lake.

Name Location Position Role
NPC Quest.png Stephano 5037,5466 Mountain Guide Part of the Tutorial quest.
NPC Quest.png Canterbury 5086,5250 Frightened Guard Part of the Tutorial quest.
- Pein 5502,5351 Mountain Guide
NPC Quest.png Shroon 5376,5188 Ikaness Staff Part of the hero quest.
NPC Quest.png Edone 5548,4976 Gypsy Seller Dealer Quest


Anima Lake Quests


Anima Lake is populated by:

Anima Lake monster spawning areas
Monster spawns
1: Mini Porkie, Porkie
2: Grunter Guardians, Grunter Captain, Grunter Fighter, Grunter Warrior, Grunter King, Grunter Leader
3: Grunter Guardian, Grunter Captain, Grunter, Grunter Warrior, Grunter Fighter, Grunter King, Grunter Leader
4: Porkie Hooligan, Crazy Porkie,Porkie
5: Crazy Porkie, Porkie Hooligan, Grunter , Grunter King, Grunter Warrior, Grunter Guardian, Grunter Captain,
6: Aqua Guard, Aqua Warrior, Aqua Ranger, Aqua Assassin, Aqua Scout,

Aqua Swordsman, Aqua Hunter, Aqua Captain, Aqua Guardian

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