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Adventurer's Plains

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Official description

Located at the southern end of the Post Junon continent, these plains were quiet and peaceful until the occurrence of the Devil Pest Incident, in which large groups of monsters inexplicably appeared and began to raid the Adventurer's Village. The arrival of these monsters was accompanied by the appearance of a number of mysterious strangers that came to be known as the Visitors.

Because of the influx of monsters and Visitors, the Adventurer's Plains is now considered one of the most active places among the seven planets.

Level Range

Level Range for Adventure's Plains is 1-15

Connected to




This represents the different NPCs located in the Adventurer's Plains.

Name Location Position Role
NPC Armor.png Cassirin 5896,5148 Armor Seller Sells Armor.
NPC Sword.png Ronk 5654,5153 Smith Sells Weapons and repairs Equipment
NPC Mat.png Seyon 5632,5193 Ferrell Guild Staff Sells Crafting Materials and Stores your belongings.
NPC Food.png Pony 5638,5158 Little Street Vendor Sells Food, and Scrolls.
NPC Service.png Peron 5828,5204 Ferrell Guild Staff Passenger Ship Service (Kenji Beach, Dolphin Island & City of Junon Polis)
NPC Quest.png Arua's Fairy 5699,5119 Visitor Guide Welcomes and guides new Visitors.
NPC Quest.png Gray 5627,5172 Village Chief Quests
NPC Quest.png Huey 5354,5401 Boy by the Cart Hero Quest
NPC Quest.png Mairard 5662,5195 Akram Minister Cart Quest
NPC Quest.png Melendino 5095,5312 Hero Quest
NPC Quest.png Myad 5669,5180 Old Man Quests
NPC Quest.png Bert 5457,5387 Path Guard Quests
NPC Quest.png Claude 5126,5280 Pumpkin Farmer Quests
NPC Quest.png Media 5099,5406 Muse Trainer First Job Quest *Muse also sells weapons
NPC Quest.png Connor 5110,5432 Hawker Trainer First Job Quest *Hawker. also sells weapons
NPC Quest.png Titania 5094,5437 Dealer Trainer First Job Quest *Dealer also sells weapons
NPC Quest.png Murphy 5054,5439 Soldier Trainer First Job Quest *Soldier also sells weapons


Adventurer Plains Quests


The Adventurer's Plains are populated by:

Adventurer's Plains' monsters spawning areas
Monster spawns
1: Mini Jelly Beans
2: Mini Choropy,Choropy,Mother Choropy,Spotted Choropy
3: Young Honey Bee
4: Jelly Bean
5: Mini Jelly Bean,Red Jelly Beans,Jelly Nut,Royal Jelly Bean,Jelly King
6: Flanae,Elder Flanae
7: Pumpkin,Big Pumpkin,Cowboy Pumpkin


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